Cooler C96 Dual Zone

Brand: TRUMA

Product Code: TU45101-02

Truma Cooler – Mobile fridge for car, camping and travel
There are eight great initial reasons why you won’t want to go anywhere without the Truma Cooler:

• Extremely efficient: The Truma Cooler reliably chills things down to temperatures of -22 degrees. Thanks to the excellent insulation, the appliance remains cool for a long time, even if a power supply is not available nearby.
• Quiet and peaceful: The Truma Cooler is able to run in low-noise operation even over long periods.
• Diverse power connections: Three different power sources are available for the Truma Cooler: the vehicle battery, a portable battery and the 230 V mains power.
• Ample space for food & drink: The Truma Cooler is available in eight different sizes (usable volume of 30 to 104 litres) and also offers plenty of space for upright bottles and other large items.
• In safe hands: Thanks to its stable design, the portable fridge/freezer is rather robust. The Truma Cooler is therefore able to withstand a great deal and is rather durable.
• The App: Take advantage of the free Truma App to remotely operate the Truma Cooler.
• Your Cooler moment: It also comes equipped with a bottle opener, so you can swiftly savour a cold drink in the warmer summer months.
• Mobile thinking: Tablets or smartphones can also be charged via an integrated USB connection.
Technicial Specifications
Capacity 95 liters (40+55l)
Cooling Area +10 °C to -22 °C
Weight 34,9 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 912 * 504 * 536mm
Power Consumption (yerleşik voltaj; 25 °C dış sıcaklık; sıcaklık ayarı 5 °C): 0.34 A
Power source 220 V, 12 V, 24 V
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